Top Five Things About Pond Hockey

5. Skill development: Pond hockey provides a great opportunity to get better. Stick handling and passing are two of the biggest things that improve just from playing.

4. Creativity: People try things on ponds that they would never try in a real game. You’ve got nothing to lose on the ponds so give it a shot!

3. The rush from pulling off those moves: It may take a few tries, but once you do finally execute an unthinkable deke the feeling is unbelievable.

2. The cellys: After scoring a goal the celebrations have no limits. So ride your stick like a horse, shoot an arrow at your opponent or blast your glove like Teemu!

1. Being with friends: The best thing is the camaraderie that comes from being out there with your friends.

Duluth’s Outdoor Rinks

Duluth is home to several outdoor rinks. It’s always good to know where the nearest one is too your house, but it’s also important to know where others are, in case one is not useable for whatever reason.  This link will show you all the locations of ODRs in Duluth.

Pond Hockey Put On Hiatus


Warm weather is almost unanimously considered a good thing. Hockey fans are different though. The lack of snow and sub 30 degree weather means the pond hockey season is over. All of the following photos were taken at Lower Chester Park, located in Duluth MN, which has one skating rink and two hockey rinks.  The remnants of ice still linger, but hockey won’t be played here until winter.

Lower Chester Park

The warming house at Lower Chester Park at the corner of 5th Street and 15th Ave. April 1, 2015

Lower Chester Park warming house

The warming house at LCP in front of a melted skating rink. March 31, 2015

Melted outdoor rink

One of the rinks at LCP looking out at neighboring homes. March 31, 2015

Hockey rink

The last remaining patch of ice in a corner at one of the rinks at LCP. March 31, 2015

Hockey bench

A vacated bench on the main rink at LCP. March 31, 2015

Puck in boards

A puck that apparently got lost in the snow this winter rests on the outside of the boards. March 31, 2015

Doors open at a rink

The doors are open to the rink welcoming in skateboarders. April 1, 2015

Hockey rink with skateboard rails

After the ice melts, LCP becomes a skate park with a few rails and jumps. April 1, 2015

Center ice red-line

The remains of the tape that marks the center ice red-line at LCP. April 1, 2015

Lower Chester Park rink

A look at the benches on the main rink at LCP. There are also some rails and jumps for skateboarders. April 1, 2015

Boards at the rink

The fencing over the boards has been dented from the countless number of shots that they have taken. April 1, 2015

Bench door

A view of the rink through a door on one of the benches. March 31, 2015

Ducks swimming in a melted hockey rink

Two ducks enjoying some time in the water that was formerly an outdoor rink. March 31, 2015

Locked hockey nets

All the nets at LCP are chained together for the summer, where they will stay until the next freeze. March 31, 2015

Hockey nets

Another view at the locked up nets. An empty PBR can rests in front of them, signifying some fun that was had not long ago. March 31, 2015

Outdoor rink leftovers

A swampy area where there used to be a skating rink. April 1, 2015


Top Three Things to Know for Pond Hockey Fans

1. How to build your own outdoor rink ( – Owning and maintaining your own rink doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to skate whenever you want!

2. US Pond Hockey Championships ( – Every January, the annual quest for the golden shovel takes place on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. There are five different divisions teams can enter into based on age and skill level. Grab your friends and compete the way hockey is meant to be played!

3. Pond hockey must-haves ( – First time pond hockey players are often times unprepared for the cold air and exhausting games. This list will help any first-timer get through the day with the greatest enjoyment.